Where to Find Legit Work at Home Jobs

work-at-home-telecommute-freelance Many people like the idea of working from home. There is more flexibility. It allows parents to spend more time with their kids. Dads who work from home have more opportunities to participate in events they traditionally miss like afternoon school plays, or soccer practice. Likewise, many moms who have built up great careers are looking for a way to not lose everything that they have built, while at the same time not missing out on raising their children. In order to keep their personal financial plans on track, taking on some work at home sounds great.

Unfortunately, the universal allure of work at home jobs makes it a great target for scammers. The idea of someone paying a good wage for working from your own home at a home-based business that requires no experience, no start-up costs, and no set time commitment sounds too good to be true. It usually is. Being aware is the best financial advice you can get.

How To Find Legitimate Work at Home Jobs

Real work at home jobs that are not scams do exist. However, they don’t come wrapped in rainbows delivered on a unicorn’s back. By taking another look at working from home from a different angle, you’ll find that it is easy to separate the work at home scams from the real work at home jobs.

The first thing to do is remember what jobs are like in “the real world.” That is, how do jobs work when they are not work at home jobs. How much do traditional jobs that require no experience, no time commitment, and no sales pay? How common are they? Just because the jobs are done at home and not at an employer’s office doesn’t mean that dynamic changes.

After all, how easy would it be to find people to fill work from home with unlimited income potential jobs that were easy and required no special skills or experience? Would you even have to advertise? Wouldn’t everyone you know be begging to sign up?

Finally, remember this tidbit. If the work can be done from the comfort of your own home with nothing more than a computer and an Internet connection, then that same work can be done from China or India with nothing more than a computer and an Internet connection. If you can pay someone overseas 30 cents an hour to do it, why would you pay a stay at home mom or dad $25 an hour (or more) to do the same thing?

So, how do you find real work at home jobs no investment required?

Secret For Finding Real Work From Home Jobs

The secret to finding real work at home jobs is to not look for work at home jobs. Work at home is a phrase that people use when they do not actually understand how working from home is done by real companies. It is the sucker’s bait that scammers use.

Remember, out in the corporate world, companies and businesses of all sizes are constantly trying to make things sound better by coming up with new phrases, or calling something by a different name. Nobody gets fired anymore; they don’t even get laid off. Workers are “let go” or “downsized” or even “right-sized” these days. Do you honestly thing any real company still uses the phrase, “work from home” in their job postings?

Real work at home jobs go by different names. One of the most common names for work from home jobs that are real is “telecommuting” or “telecommute” which means commuting by telecommunications systems, or working from home with a phone and Internet connection.

Other legitimate work from home jobs will be referred to as “contract” and “off-site” jobs. (In business, the world revolves around the company, so it doesn’t matter where you ARE working, all that matters is that you are NOT working at the office, thus, “off-site.”)

Finally, some work at home jobs are called “freelance” or “freelancing” jobs. As a freelancer, you can work wherever you want. In fact, one of the benefits of hiring a freelance worker is that you don’t have to go through the time and expense of getting them setup with a desk, phone, business cards, and so on like a traditional employee. Just keep in mind that no one needs inexperienced, unskilled freelancers. Rather, skilled workers like professional freelance writers is what business needs.

Use the secret lingo of work at home jobs and you can avoid scams, fraud, and tricksters. Go out searching for “work from home” jobs and applying to “work at home, no experience required” job postings, and you can sit back and wait to see how you will be scammed.

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14 thoughts on “Where to Find Legit Work at Home Jobs

  1. investing will always be a part of get rich programs, sometimes you need to be a risk taker to succeed.::-

    1. There is investing, and then there is being scammed. A JOB never requires an investment. A business opportunity or something similar may take an investment, but only the dishonest seek to confuse the two.

      If it is advertised as a JOB, then do not send any money.

      If you are buying into a business, then buyer beware, but NEVER send money to a “business opportunity” that tries to trick people into believing it is actually a job. That’s not taking risk, that’s being led to the slaughter.

  2. I know you said that if it is a JOB not to send any money. One of the websites that i was browsing one day asked for a 39.95 background check! Is that normal? I’m very new to this.

    1. A background check comes AFTER you have been interviewed and it looks like you are a good fit for a job. If you submitted an application and then they want $39.95 for a background check before any PERSONAL contact has been made, it is a scam.

      Look at it this way, if you got 100 applicants for a job would you run 100 background checks, or would you narrow it down your top 3 first and then run background checks?

      BTW, for almost any legitimate professional job, the background check is usually done at the company’s expense. I have heard of very few exceptions to this policy.

    1. Working from home is possible. I do it. However, the key is “time and effort”. In other words, hard work, just like at a non-from home job. Too many people think that there is a magic work at home formula that they can buy and make money with no effort. That just is not true. The idea is not to convince people not to try and work from home, the idea is to keep people from being suckers who shell out money to fraudsters who promote easy, high-income, work at home jobs that are nothing more than scams.

  3. so where do we find them? can someone suggest some sites
    please help those that have not worked since the begining of the economic recession


  4. You make a lot of good points. I never even thought about looking for home based work as “contract” or “off-site”. It’s funny how sometimes you just can’t see the forest because of all the trees. Thanks for the ideas…

  5. I need a work from home job since my children are home schooled. My income for 5 in the family is just $300.00. Can’t pay bills or go out on vacation. That is the reason why I’m looking for something I wouldn’t have to invest. Thank You

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