When it comes to banking, the main thing is to avoid fees and maximize the amount of interest you earn on your savings. Sounds simple, right?.

Actually it is. Banking should be one of the easiest parts of your financial life. These articles will help you make it happen.

Choosing the Right Bank

Even with the multitude of institutions offering banking services, chances are you are still going to need one local basic bank.  Here's how to pick the right one.

Spoiler: You're going to want a credit union.

You can get a head start by comparing the best online bank rates.

FDIC Insurance Limits Coverage

When it comes to banks, FDIC insurance is a must. Fortunately, most banks are FDIC insured. However, it is important to Understand FDIC Insurance Limit Coverage to avoid nasty surprises.

Credit Unions are not FDIC insured, but are insured through a similar entity called NCUA, or National Credit Union Association. The NCUA offers the same coverage as the FDIC.

Your Credit Report

Your credit report is a big part of your banking relationships.  Read all about your credit report here.

Your Credit Score

Your credit score is what actually determines what kind of loan offers you get.  Read all about Your Credit Score here.

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