What Is the Normal Mortgage Interest Rate 1

What Is the Normal Mortgage Interest Rate

With articles and talking finance people constantly talking about mortgage rates, rising mortgage rates, and highest interest rates in 20 years, you might be wondering what the normal mortgage interest rate actually is. There are actually many different types of mortgages. When people talk about mortgages generally, or generically, they …

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7 Things Your Bank Probably Won’t Do These Days

There is a lot of good information about money management, investing, and banking on the internet. Unfortunately, there is a lot of old, incorrect, or outdated information out there as well. Here are 10 things that your bank or credit union may not do anymore, no matter what that article …

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Interest Rates, Mortgages, HELOCs, Credit Cards, and the Fed

Originally published 12/17/2008, this post is being kept for its historical value, as the economy was still reeling from the housing market collapse and subsequent market swoon. For fun (and education), pull out your favorite charting tool and set the dates to either side of this date. This rate cut …

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