It… Is… Alive!

After some furious typing, I feel comfortable releasing the [tag]Finance Gourmet[/tag] into the wild. Already there is some great content. The [tag]Financial Advisors[/tag] Primer Part 1 and Part 2 is up. Part 3 is coming soon. Don’t miss this eye opening look at the very misunderstood world of financial planners and financial advisors.

The Finance Gourmet site takes on the slightly unconventional structure of being both a top quality frequently updated blog AND an information packed website with lots of easy to find detailed information. I’ll post here in the blog updates regarding the website, quick snippets of news, comments, and other information regarding current events. So, the blog will be your primary resource to keep up with what is going on now. The website will be your primary resource for detailed knowledge on specific topics.
Take a look at the Coming Soon page to see what I have on deck for the immediate future. If you would like to see something sooner, feel free to email me, or to post a comment here regarding what you’d like to see first, of if you think something is missing from the list. I’ll bump it to the top.

Welcome to the Finance Gourmet

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