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Rakuten Review Scam or Legit Money Saver

What is Rakuten? Is Rakuten legit, or is Rakuten a scam? Can you really earn hundreds of dollars using Rakuten to shop online? How does Rakuten work? Ebates is now Rakuten. Rakuten bought out eBates and renamed it, just like it did with buy.com. Rakuten is legit and Rakuten is …

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What Is the Normal Mortgage Interest Rate 1

What Is the Normal Mortgage Interest Rate

With articles and talking finance people constantly talking about mortgage rates, rising mortgage rates, and highest interest rates in 20 years, you might be wondering what the normal mortgage interest rate actually is. There are actually many different types of mortgages. When people talk about mortgages generally, or generically, they …

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Get Rich Investing Reality?

Albert Einstein once said that the most powerful force in the universe was compound interest. What most people don’t understand is that, while powerful, compound interest needs a lot of time to work. Unfortunately, when most people start looking for financial planner, or stockbroker, or just researching how to invest …

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Costco deal Enstrom toffees

Great Costco Deal

The best deal at Costco right now saves big money for chocolate and sweets lovers I don’t usually do this because while there may be some real benefits (and some real pitfalls) of shopping at Costco, I like to keep writing “the new” rather than updating pages about things like …

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