Save Big with Microsoft Live Search CashBack and a Cash Back Credit Card

dollar-sign Save Some Money This Holiday Season

Looking for some creative ways to save some money with the economy looking shaky and the holiday shopping season fast approaching?  Here is one way to save some potentially big dough.

Microsoft Live Search CashBack

Microsoft is literally giving away money to get people to try out its new search engine called Live Search.  You can find it at  Make sure you sign up for the CashBack program and use the right CashBack search screen, not the regular Live Search screen.  Read all the technical details about Microsoft Live Search CashBack.

Some vendors have pretty big cash back amounts. is a big electronics outfit and they currently have 6% cash back offered.  Sound good?  I’m glad, but keep reading.

Pair this up with a good Cash Back Credit Card and you can be talking about some real savings.  Even if you are out of your special offer period and only get 1% cash back, that adds up fast.  A $1000 digital camera package would qualify for $60 in cash back from Live Search CashBack, plus the extra $10 you would get from your credit card cash back adds up to $70 in savings.  That would buy your nephew a really nice Christmas present for free!

Keep an eye on the FinanceGourmet.  We’ll be bringing you great savings tips to help out during these tough financial times all through the holidays, and into next year.

Remember, only 64 shopping days until Christmas!


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