amazon flex insurance

Is Amazon Stride Flex Worth It

Health Insurance through Amazon Stride Flex sounds tempting, but is Amazon’s Flex health insurance worth it? What Is Stride Amazon Flex Health Insurance? Amazon contracts with drivers from several different platforms. The most public way to drive for Amazon is via the company’s Amazon Flex program. Amazon Flex drivers select …

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7 Important Things To Look For From the December Stock Market

Here we go. December 1, 2020 is a Tuesday, so the markets already got started on this week yesterday. This December is packed with interesting scenarios, events, and reports for investors. Without further ado, let’s jump into the 7 most important things to look for from the December stock market. …

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Kohls Plus Amazon Equals Stock Bump 1

Kohls Plus Amazon Equals Stock Bump

Weird story going around in market news today that Kohl’s, the American, brick-and-mortar, clothing / household goods chain has experienced a sizable stock bump over news that it will begin accepting Amazon returns at all of it’s 1,000+ locations. Say what? Traffic Equals Sales Whether you are online, or out …

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Online Banking Security Internet Privacy

When it comes to protecting your privacy online, nothing is more important than a good browser data clearing tool. Deleting your cookies through a web browser’s interface hasn’t been good enough for a long time. Fortunately, utilities like CCleaner and Glary Utilities as well as Firefox add-ons and Chrome extensions …

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Online Bargains Aren’t Always Great Deals Check The Details First

Black Friday has come and gone. Cyber Monday is history. Yet, online shopping continues in full force. Various reports suggest that online shopping has increased dramatically this year, likely due to the increasing usage of broadband connections in the home, and the draw of huge savings secretly located on the …

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