rakuten cash back ebates

Rakuten Review Scam or Legit Money Saver

What is Rakuten? Is Rakuten legit, or is Rakuten a scam? Can you really earn hundreds of dollars using Rakuten to shop online? How does Rakuten work? Ebates is now Rakuten. Rakuten bought out eBates and renamed it, just like it did with buy.com. Rakuten is legit and Rakuten is …

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capital one quicksilver card offer

Is Capital One Quicksilver Card Worth It?

Capital One sent me a marketing mailer for the Capital One Quicksilver Card. Lately, I’m about racking up points or miles in order to travel first class for free, but a good cash back card is useful for many people. So if Capital One is going to send me credit …

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Credit Card Company Tricks and How To Beat Them

Citibank raised the interest rates for customers with high credit scores who had never missed a payment.  Virtually every credit card company opposed the very tame reforms recently passed into law by Congress.  The sad truth is that is isn’t a matter of if your credit card issuer will try …

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