Are Robo-Advisors Worth It?

Are Robo-Advisors good enough at what they do? As most regular readers of this financial planning blog know, I used to be a professional Certified Financial Planner for several years. That gives me a lot of insight into just what a financial advisor does and does not do for their …

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Do I Need a Financial Advisor?

To read financial advice magazines and websites, you might think that anyone who uses a financial advisor is either dumb, or very rich. These money publications all say that with a little research and education, everyone should be able to do all financial planning and investing themselves to achieve financial …

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New Biden Covid Student Loan Help

A whole lot of Covid financial relief protections were scheduled to end in December. As expected, some of those money helping tweaks have been extended in 2021. For example, the Biden administration recently extended the mortgage foreclosure moratorium and forbearance protections. Student Loan Relief Flexibility On January 20, 2021, various …

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7 Deeply Out of Favor Stocks? 1

7 Deeply Out of Favor Stocks?

Marketwatch is a finance website that survives by cranking out hundreds of articles per day. There isn’t hundreds of articles per day worth of actual financial news out there each day, so there is a bit of filler. Sometimes, I scroll right by. Sometimes, I wonder if a particular bit …

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What Is Fiduciary Responsibility?

Fiduciary responsibility, sometimes referenced as fiduciary duty, is the best term in finance, with the possible exception of fungible. So, what is fiduciary responsibility, and do you need someone with a fiduciary duty to help with your finances? Fiduciary is a fancy word for the concept of doing what is …

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Who Needs a Financial Planner?

Ask any financial advisor, and they’ll tell you that everyone (with money, at least) needs a financial planner or advisor. Ask any do it yourself financial planning type and they’ll tell you that no one need a financial advisor or planner. The answer, of course, is much more complicated than …

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Use Accounts to Save and Budget

I talk a lot about the psychology of money. The reality is that no matter how much something makes sense mathematically, it just may not work for most people because money isn’t just something we move around on a spreadsheet. One of the most common questions I see are in …

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Paying Off Your House Mortgages and Money Psychology

By any measure, the math says that paying off your home is not a smart move financially. Then why is it that so many people see paying off their home as a great goal? There are three reasons really. One is out of date thinking, the other is a financial …

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