What Is the Difference Between PPI and CPI? 1

What Is the Difference Between PPI and CPI?

These days everyone is worried about inflation. The financial media often distill reporting about inflation down to a single, easy to understand number. “Inflation rose 5% in March,” they will say. What are they talking about, exactly? What is the CPI? What is the PPI? And, what is the difference …

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investing in gold bars

Are Gold Mutual Funds a Good Way to Invest In Gold?

Recently, a client explained to me how he thought gold was a good investment and protection against inflation. I’m not going to talk today about if he is right or wrong. Instead, I’ll mention that his fabulous do it yourself investment solution was Fidelity’s Gold Fund. Good call? Gold Mutual …

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Interest Rates Rising Into the End of the Year

The Federal Reserve did not increase interest rates at its August 1st (2018) meeting. That was widely expected after the increase from the pervious meeting. Traditionally, the Fed tries not to raise rates in back to back meetings unless it feels like the economy is getting away from them. It …

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no inflation

Inflation Disappears (Again)

Update: Yea! It looks like I was right, and everyone has come around. It’s August now, and it looks like those low inflation numbers were neither an aberration, nor temporary. There simply is no inflation, the job market, while full, is not hot, and there is no need to raise …

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