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Upcoming Correction or Stock Market Crash

Here it comes. No, not the stock market crash. No, not a stock market correction, either. OK. Well, maybe those things are coming. But, what most definitely IS coming are the analysts’ notes, financial stories, and money website articles about a possible 10% correction, or even 20% crash. How To …

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Ratings Agency Downgrades British Petroleum

Recently, we talked about how Warren Buffet’s Congressional testimony about Moody’s responsibility for causing the banking crisis and stock market crash by rating collateral mortgage options (CMO) triple-A up until it was already obvious to everyone that these investments were in trouble, was wrong headed. Today, the ratings agencies Fitch …

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Warren Buffet Wrong About Moody’s

Warren Buffet testified before Congress that Moody’s rating agency should not be blamed for its enormous role in the financial collapse that occurred following the blow up in the real estate market and the subsequent implosion of collateral mortgage options, or CMOs. These securities eventually became the so-called toxic securities …

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