Mutual Funds

Mutual FundsThe concept of a mutual fund is very easy. You have probably heard it explained a hundred times. But, concepts are not real life. The implementation of the concept is what makes all the difference. As a financial advisor, I spend countless hours clearing up my client's misconceptions and misunderstandings about mutual funds.


I'll cover everything. I won't hold anything back. Fees, commissions, expense ratios, performance, analysis, it will all be here.

Mutual Fund Primer

Start here to get the basics of mutual funds.

Coming Soon

  • Fees - Some You See, Some You Don't
  • How to Pick Mutual Funds or You Are Using Morningstar WRONG!
  • How to Use Morningstar
  • How to Use Online Tools
  • How to Use Mutual Fund Websites
  • How to Buy Mutual Funds
  • Mutual Funds vs. ETFs
  • Your Advisor and Mutual Funds - All the "Secrets"
  • Mutual Funds and Commissions