Stocks and Your Financial Plan and Investment Strategy

These articles go hand in hand with the articles in the Stock Market section. This section contains stock specific information. That is information that does not pertain to other types of investments (bonds, mutual funds, etc...) and that which does not pertain to the movements of the stock market in general.

Stocks are surround by myth. Even the secretaries became millionaires in the 80s thanks to Microsoft stock options. That is not a myth, but it may very well have been a once in a lifetime event. That didn't stop hundreds of thousands of workers from forgoing potentially significant amounts of pay in exchange for stock options in the 1990s. Stories abound of people who made fortunes in stocks. Nearly every person who finds out I'm a financial planner wants and opinion on a certain stock or on stocks in general. Here is how to sort fact from fantasy and understand the real world of stocks.

What Is A Stock - It's Not What You Think (Seriously)

Read What Is A Stock to get the real world reality that you have never been told before about what a stock actually is and what is for.  Don't worry, this isn't that same old tired, "ownership of a corporation..." song and dance you've heard before.

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