Financial Advisors

You won't find more comprehensive information on financial advisors anywhere.  The Finance Gourmet is a real live financial advisor.  Yes, he's even a CFP.  So, he knows all the inside information.  The truth is that there is no great financial advisor conspiracy.  But, it is also true that the requirements for being a financial advisor are very very low and even the largest brand name brokerages are not above taking a no-experience, no-degree, no-training person off the street and making them a financial advisor.  The key is to avoid those people and to find the good qualified financial advisors out there.  It isn't as easy as some people try and make it sound, but I'll guide you through.

Financial Advisors - The Primer

Financial Advisors come in many flavours as do the companies they work for. Some are nothing more than glorified stock brokers. Others are pumped up insurance salesman. Still others are just bank tellers looking for "referral points" by offering you what they call financial advice. The Financial Advisors Primer will get you up to speed on this not so rare breed of professional.

Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

Get the inside scoop on when you need a financial advisor and when you don't, all from a real life professional financial advisor. Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

How to Find a Good Financial Planner or Financial Advisor

Get the in depth explanation you've never read before about exactly how to go about finding a Good Financial Planner or Financial Advisor  This is way more than that one page 10 questions to ask your financial advisor article you've read a hundred times in magazines.  There are SIX pages and that's just the pre-screen!


Coming Soon

Do You Need a Financial Advisor - When You Do, and When You Don't
The First Meeting -- What You Should Do, What the Advisor is Doing
Financial Planning with an Advisor -- What to Expect
What is a CFP? Does it Matter?
Alphabet Soup - CFP, CFA, ChFC, CLU - What It All Means