Dollar SignWhere To Buy United States Saving Bonds

People who learn about U.S. Savings Bonds from older relatives or friends who remember investing in Savings Bonds often head to their local bank branch to buy saving bonds. While some larger banks and small community banks do sell savings bonds, the best way to invest in savings bonds is to buy directly from the government via the U.S. Treasury website Treasury Direct.

Treasury Direct provides a way to buy US savings bonds online with no commissions, no fees, and no markup of any kind. Investors can buy all the different denominations of Series EE savings bonds, or I Bonds.

In addition, investors can use an online savings bond calculator to calculate the value of savings bonds they already own. Furthermore, online tools to determine the interest rate of bonds, or to calculate what a savings bond will be worth in the future, as well as how much money a savings bond will earn based on its interest rate are all online as well.

Types Of US Savings Bonds You Can Still Buy

Savings Bonds currently being issued are Series EE Bonds and Series I Bonds. However, there are still several other kinds of US Savings Bonds around because they have long-term maturity dates.

The last Series E Bonds stop earning interest in 2010.

More commonly found in file cabinets and safety deposit boxes are Series H or HH savings bonds. Although they are no longer being so, they were issued until 2004.

All US Saving Bond are issued by the US Government and are low-risk investments that finance the national debt. There are several types of Government bonds including U.S. Treasuries, and Treasury Notes. Each kind of bond has specific features like, how much interest is paid, when the interest is paid, how long until the bond matures, and how the bond is purchased. The various types of United States Savings Bonds are known by their "series" letters. Series E bonds, Series H Bonds, and EE Bonds and I Bonds are all examples of US Savings Bonds.

Bond Investing Basics and Bond Strategies

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