IRA Fees DollarsList of Typical IRA Maintenance Fees or IRA Custodial Charges From Selected Brokerages and Mutual Funds

This list is compiled from publicly avaiable information online and via phone or in-person interviews. Every effort is made to ensure that the information listed here is correct, but no guarantee or warranty is made regarding the accuracy of the information.

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Annual IRA account fees are usually the same for both Roth IRAs and traditional IRAs.

IRA Maintenance Fees - No Minimum Balance or Other Requirements

  • Fidelity Brokerage IRA Account Fee- $0
  • Charles Schwab Brokerage IRA Account Fee- $0
  • Sharebuilder / ING Direct - $0
  • Vanguard Mutual Funds IRA Account Fee - $20
  • BlackRock Mutual Funds IRA Account Fee - $15
  • OptionsXpress IRA Account Fee - FREE
  • ChoiceTrade IRA Account Fee - $30
  • ScottTrade IRA Custodial Fee - $0
  • Tradeking IRA Account Fee - $0
  • TradeMonster IRA Account Fee - FREE
  • Zecco IRA Account Fee - $30
  • Wells Fargo IRA Account Fee - $50
  • Bank of America IRA Account Fee - $0
  • Merrill Lynch (Bank of America) - $0
  • US Bank IRA Account Fee - $10
  • Oppenheimer Funds - $15
  • MorganStanley SmithBarney - $30
  • Edward Jones - $300 (includes "management services")
  • Raymond James - $50

If you find information that is incorrect, or if you would like me to add your favorite financial institution to this list, contact me with the name of the firm and a publicly viewable link with the fee information.

See IRS Publication 590 for details on tax ramifications of IRA fees


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