Are Credit Unions Better Than Banks? 2

Are Credit Unions Better Than Banks?

Credit unions and banks are both financial institutions that offer similar services such as checking accounts, savings accounts, loans, and credit cards. However, there are some key differences between the two that make credit unions a better choice for many people. Regulatory Foundations: A Brief Background Before diving into the …

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Marcus High Interest Savings Account Review

Update: As of February 2023, the new interest rate on Marcus Savings accounts is 3.25%. Update 2: As of Augus 7, 2023 , the new Marcus interest rate is 4.30% APY. The Fed giveth and the Fed taketh away. High Yield Savings Worth It Again After a few years of …

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Free ATM Fees

If you are still paying ATM fees, it’s time to find a new bank. Too many customers have gotten used to paying ATM fees, but there is no reason for it. Good banks, credit unions, and financial institutions all have multiple options to use ATMs for free, including, in some …

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