AI versus financial advisors

Will ChatGPT Hurt Finacial Advisors

ChatGPT AI for Financial Advisors The hot topic in many industries is ChatGPT and artificial intelligence (AI). Will ChatGPT hurt financial advisors or will ChatGPT help financial advisors? And, what about Google’s Bard and other AI platforms? Are they helpful or harmful? Are Index Funds and ETFs AI? An interesting …

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which 529 plan is right

Do I Need a Financial Advisor?

To read financial advice magazines and websites, you might think that anyone who uses a financial advisor is either dumb, or very rich. These money publications all say that with a little research and education, everyone should be able to do all financial planning and investing themselves to achieve financial …

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financial planner helpful

Who Needs a Financial Planner?

Ask any financial advisor, and they’ll tell you that everyone (with money, at least) needs a financial planner or advisor. Ask any do it yourself financial planning type and they’ll tell you that no one need a financial advisor or planner. The answer, of course, is much more complicated than …

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Financial Planners and Financial Advisors an Introduction

Listen to the book authors, newspaper and magazine columnists and many web sites, and you will hear that financial advisors or financial planners are nothing more than glorified snake oil salesmen out to separate you from your hard earned money. To listen to some in the finance industry and their …

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About Finance Gourmet The person behind Finance Gourmet is a former real-life financial planner with real life clients. Why is this such a big deal? Because virtually no one else you are reading can say that. Those articles in the newspaper? Professional journalists. Those other websites? Professional writers and web …

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