negative interest rates

Market Monday 1-24-2022

Hey, Boys and Girls, here comes an interesting week for investors. The following article is for informational purposes only and is not investment advice. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities. As always, the best investment strategy for long-term investing is building a well-diversified portfolio based upon …

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high yield dividends

Best High-Yield Investing Strategy

The high-yield investing strategy is typically thought of as buying high-yield stocks. High-yield stocks are those stocks that pay a high dividend. The flaw in this strategy is that too often the focus is on yield to the exclusion of some really great investing opportunities that result in high-quality capital …

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apple event stock trade

No-Brainer High Risk Apple Trade Coming Up

Apple has announced an event on September 12. Traditionally, Apple announces new iPhones and other “gadgets” in September, and expectations are high. So, what is an investor to do? If you are a long-term investor, nothing. Absolutely nothing. The event will generate some noise in Apple’s stock price, but the …

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