e bonds

US Savings Bonds Series E Savings Bonds

US Saving Bonds and World War II Bonds issued by the US Government are low-risk investments issued in order to finance the national debt. There are numerous types of Government bonds. Each bond has specific features that determine how much interest is paid to the bond holder, how long the …

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Investing in Municipal Bonds Now

Is now a good time to be investing in municipal bonds? Also known as muni bonds, municipal bonds are bonds issued by state and local governments. Typically, these bonds are used to finance government operations or capital investments for various local and state government agencies. Like corporate bonds, muni bonds …

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How Safe Are Municipal Bonds

People are always asking me how safe municipal bonds are.  The answer is: They’re Safe. Note that we are talking about BONDS here, NOT Notes, which are a whole different deal.  Unless you are an expert or near-expert bond trader, you should stay away from any and all notes of …

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