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Free ATM Fees

If you are still paying ATM fees, it’s time to find a new bank. Too many customers have gotten used to paying ATM fees, but there is no reason for it. Good banks, credit unions, and financial institutions all have multiple options to use ATMs for free, including, in some …

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401k Plan Fee Disclosure

More fraud happens in this country every year than you can possibly imagine. Technically, of course, it isn’t actually fraud because of the cheater’s loophole: disclosure. Disclosure is what makes every scam legitimate in the eyes of the law. As long as the company cheating you tells you they are cheating …

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Top 10 Fine Print Gotchas

Being a smart consumer, or smart investor, or smart anything really is all about knowledge. Understanding the world you are playing in just makes good sense. I can spot most finance scams by reading the title. The reason? I’ve spent plenty of time reading the fine print and have grown …

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