credit karma tax review free filing

Credit Karma Tax Review Free Scam or Good Filing?

Has it really been five years since Credit Karma started Credit Karma Tax? Credit Karma tax is a free-ish way to file your taxes for free. While Credit Karma tax started out with some bumps it is now old enough to have chased out a lot of the bugs. And …

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fein ein difference ssn

Business Tax ID Number – FEIN and EIN Explained

There is an unfortunate amount of confusion surrounding the concept of the Federal Tax Identification Number. It is ironic, because the whole Tax ID, FEIN, and EIN thing is actually very simple, mostly because they are generally all the same thing. However, it isn’t surprising that this concept confused many …

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IRS Audit Odds

As tax season approaches, America’s thoughts turn to the required filing of income taxes. Theoretically, America’s tax system is a voluntary reporting system, however, that voluntary part is backed up by a pretty big stick, IRS audits. Odds of Being Audited According to IRS statistics, the chances of being audited …

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