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IRS Standard Deduction 2022

What is the standard deduction amount for 2022 and 2021? The IRS updated the number and it’s a little bit higher this year. When filing income taxes, taxpayers can choose to either itemize tax deductions, or take the standard tax deduction amount. The IRS adjusts … Read More


HSA Contributions

A quick reminder not to forget to use your HSA account to pay for ALL of your qualified medical expenses. Remember, you get the deduction based upon CONTRIBUTIONS, and your contributions do NOT have to be made before your expenses are incurred. In other words, … Read More


Basic Taxes Overview 2020

As January 2021 comes to a close Americans everywhere will be receiving W-2 Forms, 1099 forms, and others depending upon their specific financial situation and income scenarios for 2020. So, let’s do a quick overview of tax law in 2020 and how that will affect … Read More

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Credit Karma Tax Review Free Scam or Good Filing?

Has it really been five years since Credit Karma started Credit Karma Tax? Credit Karma tax is a free-ish way to file your taxes for free. While Credit Karma tax started out with some bumps it is now old enough to have chased out a … Read More