taxes on savings bonds

Not Cashing Savings Bonds to Avoid Taxes

There is a common misconception about avoiding taxes by not cashing savings bonds. While there are no penalties for not cashing mature savings bonds, there is no benefit to holding them for tax purposes, either. Sometimes people wonder, “Do savings bonds expire?” For the most part, I typically assume that …

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compound interest

Power of Compound Interest – A Case Study

Over at MarketWatch recently, was an interesting article entitled Make Your Kid Rich for $1 a Day. I’ll let you go over there and read the particulars if you are interested. However, I think that the concept provides a great way to study the phenomenon of compound interest, and the …

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fed raises interest rates march

Fed Raises Rates – More Coming

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates one-quarter of a point, or 0.25%, in a widely expected move. The benchmark rate is now technically the range between 0.75 percent and 1.0 percent, although most people refer to this simply as 0.75%. As pretty much everyone predicted, the Fed raised interest rates …

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Safely Earn More Interest on Your Money

I am always a bit curious when I read a cover story headline like the one on Kiplinger Magazine this month. It says 18 Ways To Earn 5% or More On Your Money. A lot of readers will make an assumption that goes along with that headline that they are …

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