sofi review

SoFi Review – Legit, Scam, Worth It?

What Is SoFi? In this SoFi review we will take a look at what SoFi offers and the pros and cons of SoFi. We’ll see is SoFi legit, or is is SoFia scam? SoFi, like most other niche financial services companies, is expanding. It turns out that once you get …

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Get Rich Investing Reality?

Albert Einstein once said that the most powerful force in the universe was compound interest. What most people don’t understand is that, while powerful, compound interest needs a lot of time to work. Unfortunately, when most people start looking for financial planner, or stockbroker, or just researching how to invest …

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are bank stocks a good investment now graphic

Are Bank Stocks a Good Investment: Assessing Their Potential in Your Portfolio

Deciding to invest in bank stocks is one way to add both dividends and financial growth to your portfolio. While finance stocks offer several advantages, they also come with unique challenges that warrant full consideration. Investing in bank stocks can provide long-term growth through consistent dividend payments, potential for significant …

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AI versus financial advisors

Will ChatGPT Hurt Finacial Advisors

ChatGPT AI for Financial Advisors The hot topic in many industries is ChatGPT and artificial intelligence (AI). Will ChatGPT hurt financial advisors or will ChatGPT help financial advisors? And, what about Google’s Bard and other AI platforms? Are they helpful or harmful? Are Index Funds and ETFs AI? An interesting …

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