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Charitable Contributions Tax Deduction

Republicans passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2017 reshaping the way many Americans pay taxes. Apart from the uninspired, and obvious marketing, based name, the law made some deductions disappear. It tried to fill in those deductions by giving everyone a higher standard deduction. Theoretically, people pay the …

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Medical Expenses Deduction 2021

Can you deduct medical expenses in 2021? Are your medical expenses tax deductible? Yes… but… Medical Expenses Tax Deduction Limit Medical expenses are tax deductible for 2021, but only after they exceed 7.5% of your income. You also must itemize your deductions to claim the medical expenses tax deduction. Finally, …

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What Is Still Deductible

Trump’s new tax law has caused a lot of confusion. One of the big areas of confusion is that many of the so-called “itemized-tax deductions,” won’t really count for most American taxpayers anymore. It’s not that those deductions are gone, it’s just that triggering the threshold where itemizing tax deductions …

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Standard Deduction 2011 and 2011 Tax Brackets

Current Standard Deduction and Tax Brackets The IRS has announced new 2011 tax numbers regarding the standard deduction for single filers and for those married filing jointly, as well as the 2011 value of the personal and dependent deduction. By law, these standard tax numbers are adjusted for inflation each …

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How To Deduct Mortgage Interest on Income Taxes

One of the biggest tax deductions most taxpayers will qualify for is the interest paid on their mortgage. Mortgage interest is tax deductible. Up to 100 percent of mortgage interest paid during the tax year can be deducted on your income taxes as long as your total mortgage balance is …

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