What Does the Election Mean for the Economy?

Republicans Win House, Democrats Keep Senate – Gridlock? Traditionally, Wall Street and big business have favored gridlock in Washington D.C. The idea is that when Republicans and Democrats are busy fighting each other, they can’t be changing the laws and regulations that businesses already know. Theoretically, any currently successful business …

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Inflation Stays Tame – Fed Not Raising Rates Soon

Everyone is worried about if and when the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates, even though the Fed itself continues to say that it is not considering doing so. That is what happens when interest rates are so low (basically just above zero) that everyone knows the only way they can go is up.

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Abby Joseph Cohen Track Record Accurate As A Broken Indicator Light

I fired off a quick post yesterday about the “news” that Goldman Sach’s Abby Joseph Cohen declared the recession over.  If you missed it, I made the point that an arrow pointing up painted on a wall had just as accurate of a track record as Ms. Cohen did over …

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