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Upcoming Correction or Stock Market Crash

Here it comes. No, not the stock market crash. No, not a stock market correction, either. OK. Well, maybe those things are coming. But, what most definitely IS coming are the analysts’ notes, financial stories, and money website articles about a possible 10% correction, or even 20% crash. How To …

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Jeremy Grantham Calls “Epic Bubble”

One of my favorite themes here on Finance Gourmet is accountability. Accountability for your financial advisor, accountability for talking heads on money TV, accountability for analysts making “calls” about the market. Too often, all of these predictions and calls are simply forgotten until one of them is “right” and then, …

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Everyone Who Called a Downturn in the First Half of 2019 Is Officially WRONG

It is now October. That is the third quarter of 2019. By any, and all, definitions the first half of 2019 is officially over. That means all of those analysts, pundits, economists, and big Wall Street talking heads who predicted a recession or stock market downturn in the first half …

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Abby Joseph Cohen Track Record Accurate As A Broken Indicator Light

I fired off a quick post yesterday about the “news” that Goldman Sach’s Abby Joseph Cohen declared the recession over.  If you missed it, I made the point that an arrow pointing up painted on a wall had just as accurate of a track record as Ms. Cohen did over …

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