covid student loan relief

Covid Student Loan Relief Ending Soon

In March, the government began offering options to help benefit borrowers with student loans during the Covid pandemic. The Covid student loan benefits were to stop collecting on student loans, to charge 0% interest rates on student loans, and to suspend student loan payments. Basically, you could turn off paying …

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rising mortgage interest rates

Mortgage Rates Climbing

Mortgage rates have ticked up in the this month. Despite stories saying that rates have “jumped” the rise has been rather tepid, and still hasn’t taken rates back to their post election highs in the 4.25% range. Rates had peaked back in January when some analysts still suspected that Crazy …

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How To – Refinancing a Home Mortgage Steps and Tips

When considering refinancing your home mortgage, the first step is to get all of the details on what you have now.  Sure, you have vague numbers in your head, but that won’t help you answer all of the loan application questions, or make a real hard-numbers based calculation about the …

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Government Mortgage Help Programs Scams and Deceptive Marketing and Mailings

It was with much fanfare last month that Congress and the Obama administration passed laws putting into effect government programs to help American homeowners with their mortgages.  Both The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, and The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act were front page news all over the country. A lot …

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