Basic Taxes Overview 2022

As January 2022 comes to a close Americans everywhere will be receiving W-2 Forms, 1099 forms, and others depending upon their specific financial situation and income scenarios for 2022. So, let’s do a quick overview of tax law in 2022 and how that will affect filing 2022 taxes in 2023. …

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ira contribution limits for 2021 and 2020

IRA Contribution Limits 2022 and 2023

Not all tax numbers stay the same over time. Many income limits and other tax numbers are adjusted each year, either for inflation, or by another statutory mandate. These tax numbers include the tax tables and tax brackets for each year, for example. It also includes IRA contribution limits. The IRS …

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What Is Still Deductible

Trump’s new tax law has caused a lot of confusion. One of the big areas of confusion is that many of the so-called “itemized-tax deductions,” won’t really count for most American taxpayers anymore. It’s not that those deductions are gone, it’s just that triggering the threshold where itemizing tax deductions …

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