Great Costco Deal

The best deal at Costco right now saves big money for chocolate and sweets lovers

I don’t usually do this because while there may be some real benefits (and some real pitfalls) of shopping at Costco, I like to keep writing “the new” rather than updating pages about things like the best Costco deal ever.

Enstrom Toffee and Candies

Enstrom is a Colorado based company that makes all kinds of chocolates, toffees, and other confections. It is so good. It is so expensive. The main operation is in Grand Junction, Colorado out on the Western Slope (the area past the ski areas and on to the Utah border). However, Enstrom’s has a store in Cherry Creek North near downtown Denver. It is here where I built my addiction.

Enstrom Is Worth Every Penny, but…

My absolute favorite treat from Enstrom is their toffee. In particular they Almond Toffee Petites. They come in a little box that taunts you every time you open it because there are only a few left. When they are gone you can’t really get more, because you are financially responsible, dammit!

The smallest box is the 15 oz box which has two tantalizing layers of toffee. 15 pieces each layer is all you get, including what you have to share with your wife and children, because you are also a responsible parent, dammit!

30 pieces of delicious, wonderful toffee. It’s fine. You can always buy more. It’s no big deal.

Great Costco Deal 1

Oh, but you see. Each 15 oz box costs $26.99. It’s no problem you spend that on candy all the time, right?


Maybe the solution is to order a bigger box and take advantage of some discount. — The 30 oz box (double the size) costs $50.99. A nice discount, but not nice enough to actually pay that much for something that isn’t even real food. If you are wondering, the 60 oz box is $86.99. <sob>

Costco + Enstrom = Best Deal Ever

So, you remember that even though Enstrom is the best toffee, and you love it, it costs too much a lot. Making our toffee a rare treat. Perhaps it is for the best.


Costco has at this moment (and another time before that I know for sure) jars of Enstrom toffees. No cloying box shaming you for your pajama pants and 3:00 a.m. refrigerator raid. A jar. With a twist off lid. Filled with Enstrom Toffee Petites. It’s Costco, so you are wondering just how big this jar is. Big enough to make me happy, but more precisely, it is 40 oz. THAT’S BIGGER THAN THE MEDIUM $50 BOX!

How much is it?

$15.99. That’s right. For a price $10 lower than the small box, you get 10 oz more in the Costco jar of Enstrom toffees.

I bought three. I regret nothing.

This post has no affiliate links. It was accurate as of 10/09/23.

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