6 thoughts on “Procedure for Using HSA Account To Pay Medical Expenses”

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  2. My son was bitten by a dog at a friend’s house a couple of months ago. The friends filed under their homeowner’s insurance to pay our doctor and hospital bills.

    I am inclined to pay these bills timely using funds from our HSA savings – we are starting to get second bills and it worries me. If we do, would we need to deposit whatever reimbursement comes to us from our friend’s homeowner’s insurance back into the HSA?

    thank you

  3. I’ve heard you can withdraw from your HSA years after receiving medical benefits. For example, let’s say I open an HSA at age 25 and retire at age 45. In those twenty years, I spent a lot on qualified medical expenses, but I always paid out of pocket. I never withdrew from my HSA.

    Now at age 45 I’m retiring early and I’ve kept all the receipts for my medical expenses. Can I now take money out of my HSA tax-free, even though I’m paying myself back for expenses over the last twenty years?

    1. Yes. Completely true, assuming you are a good enough record keeper. I’m not sure that I’d save up 20 years worth of expenses (the rules do change from time to time) but there is no rule against it. Remember you have to file a Form 8889 for your distributions, whenever they occur.

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