Stocks In Dow Jones Industrial Average and Dow Jones Transportation Average

Dow Jones Indexes publishes lot of averages and indexes. They are best known for the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Down Jones Transportation Average.

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average is featured on most stock market news reports and makes an appearance on the nightly news. It is often referred to as just The Dow, or Dow Jones. The Dow Jones Index is composed of the stocks of 30 big U.S. companies which are supposed to represent the majority of the US economy and industry, with the exception of the transportation industry; they have their own index.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Components

The Companies In the Dow Jones Industrial Average
3M Company (MMM)
Alcoa Inc (AA)
American Express (AXP)
AT&T (T)
Bank of America (BAC)
Boeing (BA)
Caterpillar (CAT)
Chevron (CVX)
Cisco (CSCO)
Coca-Cola (KO)
du Pont (DD)
Exxon Mobile (XOM)
General Electric (GE)
Hewlett-Packard (HPQ)
Home Depot (HD)
Intel (INTC)
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)
JPMorgan Chase (JPM)
Kraft Foods (KFT)
McDonald’s Corp (MCD)
Merck & Co (MRK)
Microsoft (MSFT)
Pfizer (PFE)
Procter & Gamble (PG)
Travelers Companies (TRV)
United Technologies Corporation (UTX)
Verizon Communications (VZ)
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT)
Walt Disney Company (DIS)

Dow Jones Transportation Average is composed of companies from the transportation industry. The idea is that if American business is making and selling goods, someone else is making money by getting them from Point A to Point B. Of course, with declining manufacturing influence and an increasingly prevalent service economy, that theory might hold less weight. However, some would point to increasing travel as representative of additional service, although this discounts the impact of technologies like conference calls, emails and social networking on providing quality service to customers and clients.

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Stocks In the Dow Jones Transportation Average
AMR Corp (AMR)
CH Robinson Worldwide (CHRW)
Con-Way Inc (CNW)
Continental Airlines (CAL)
CSX Corp (CSX)
Delta Airlines (DAL)
Expeditors International (EXPD)
Fedex Corp (FDX)
JB Hunt Transportation Services (JBHT)
JetBlue Airways (JBLU)
Kansas City Southern (KSU)
Landstar System (LSTR)
Norfolk Southern Corp (NSC)
Overseas Shipholding Group (OSG)
Ryder System Inc (R)
Southwest Airlines (LUV)
Union Pacific (UNP)
United Parcel Service (UPS)

Lesser Known Dow Jones Averages

There area handful of other Dow Jones Averages. Most of them are calculated by taking predefined subsets of either the Dow Jones Industrial index or the Dow Jones Transportation index.

Dow Jones Utility Average – Tracks the performance of utility stocks associated with the generation and delivery of energy.

The Global Dow – Tracks 150 worldwide stocks to track the global economy.

The Dow 10 – Made up of the 10 stocks from the Dow Jones Industrial with the highest dividend yield.

The Dow 5 – The 5 lowest priced stocks from The Dow 10 Average.

Dow Jones High Yield Select 10 Index – The 10 stocks of the Dow Jones Industrial average that have the biggest indicated dividend yield on an annual basis.

What other stock indexes or market averages do you follow?

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