Selling Your Own Home – Day 2

Home For SaleFriday, and the frustrations begin. We have decided to use (more on that next post) to list our house. The main reason? A free MLS listing. Just because you are hip and cool and willing to do all the leg work to sell your home yourself doesn’t mean that everyone is. In fact, the vast majority of people buying homes still use real estate agents. Whether using a Realtor is a good or bad thing we will not go into today, but if you want to sell your house and most buyers are using Realtors, then good marketing sense says that you should go where the Realtors are. And the Realtors are on MLS.

Quick history lesson (don’t worry this won’t hurt). Not long ago, the MLS system was coming under scrutiny for uncompetitive practices. Like most businesses when the heat got turned up they tried to see if they could get the problem to go away without actually having to change their very profitable business model. As it ended up, MLS opened up the system to BUYERS by letting member companies provide MLS listings to the public (hello and so on). This was a shrewd move, because the heat did go away, and they are laughing all the way to the bank. Why? Because it is still a very closed system when it comes to SELLER access. In other words, there is no way for you, Joe Public to get your home on MLS directly. You have to go through a broker.

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Other Information on Real Estate

I’m personally selling my home right now, and blogging about the process here. So, I started wondering where I could find the same kind of thing elsewhere, particularly those who had sold their house without a real estate agent too. I am most definitely not talking about the barely disguised …

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Selling Your Own Home – Day 1

home-for-sale Day One.  We will be listing our house tomorrow (Thursday) in the afternoon.  Apparently this is a good time to go on [tag]MLS[/tag] because [tag]real estate brokers[/tag] will be looking to setup their weekend showings.  But, it is not too early so that it doesn’t come up as "new" in the minds of some brokers (who apparently have short memories, I guess).

So today is about taking pictures and writing descriptions.

Today’s most important step is something that we didn’t have to worry about last time we sold a house just three years ago.  Updating [tag]Zillow[/tag]!

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Sell Home Yourself

As a professional in a service industry, I know that often times it can seem as though a professional doesn’t do anything that you couldn’t do yourself.  Usually, that means that your professional is just very good at their job.  However, that isn’t always the case. There are plenty of …

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Buy Real Estate?

realestateicon Whether or not now is a good time to buy [tag]real estate[/tag] depends, as most things do in finance, on time and amount. For example, if you have been renting for the last year or two and have saved up 20% for a down payment and you just found the house of your dreams, then yes, now is a great time to buy real estate. But what about people looking for a good investment? Is now the right time?

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Money Psychology

I’ve decided to do a new series here at Finance Gourmet on the psychology of money.  Virtually all the emails I get and questions I’m being asked from both online and in person lately have to do more with psychology than they do with raw numbers and math.  I already …

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Bear Stearns Goes Belly Up

The official headline is J.P. Morgan buys Bear Stearns for $2 a share. The real headline is that for the first time since the savings and loan crisis in the 1980s, a major US bank has gone belly up.