529 college savings investment options

How To Choose 529 Investments

If you don’t already have a 529 plan opened, you should start with the instructions for opening a 529 plan before worrying about which investments you use. Trust me, when I tell you, as a former financial planner, that the biggest drag on saving money for college isn’t choosing the …

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roth ira for college

Smart to Use Roth IRA for College

Should I use my Roth IRA for college? As a former financial planner, I would often get these questions from clients who read something somewhere. Much like patients asking doctors about drugs they heard about on TV, such questions rarely ended up being a good idea. When it comes to …

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college invest university

CollegeInvest 529 Plan Fees Reduced

It’s always nice to get good news. CollegeInvest 529 Reduces Feeds for Direct Portfolio According to a recent release from CollegeInvest CEO Angela Baier, the administrative fee for the CollegeInvest Direct Portfolio was reduced from 0.32% to 0.31% on August 1, 2021. That means more of those college savings dollars …

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which 529 plan is right

Do I Need a Financial Advisor?

To read financial advice magazines and websites, you might think that anyone who uses a financial advisor is either dumb, or very rich. These money publications all say that with a little research and education, everyone should be able to do all financial planning and investing themselves to achieve financial …

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What Is The Difference Between UTMA and UGMA?

How Are UTMA and UGMA Alike? UTMA and UGMA are very similar. Both are uniform code proposals adopted by the individual states. Like other uniform codes (the uniform building code is a common one, for example) these work by proposing a common framework for states to use in order to …

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529 plan tax law changes states

Can I Use My 529 Plan to Pay For K-12 Expenses

529 plans are a tax-advantaged account that allows saving and investing for college expenses. Before last year’s new tax law was passed, one got tax-deferred growth in the account, and tax-free withdrawals for qualified college expenses. Even better, there were very few 529 contribution limits on most plans. Now, the …

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investing in hsa account calculator

2017 Finances and Money Issues

Welcome to 2017! Relax. Take a deep breath. There. Feel better? Good. Then let’s jump in. Finances Updated in 2017 With a new year, come some new numbers. There will be updates to the maximum 401k contributions, income limits for Roth IRAs, and others. Plus, there will be adjustments to …

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