Blaming the Fed 3

Blaming the Fed

Selective amnesia and analysts dying to be “right” is contributing to a flood of inaccurate articles seeking to blame the Fed. I saw this in my Twitter feed this morning and I just couldn’t let it go by. It’s filled with the kind of half-truths … Read More

Dogs of the Dow 2022 4

Dogs of the Dow 2022

. I first heard of the Dogs of the Dow strategy back when Motley Fool was just becoming famous, largely based on the out-sized success of their investment in AOL as the Internet Bubble continued to swell. (Whew! There’s a lot of investing history, and … Read More

acorns app reviews

Acorns Review Automated Investing Made Easy?

Note: This Acorns review article has been updated with the latest information as published on the website. No sooner than I finished my Digit review, than I saw an ad for another automated savings app on Facebook that takes a different tack for building up your … Read More