investing in gold bars

Are Gold Mutual Funds a Good Way to Invest In Gold?

Recently, a client explained to me how he thought gold was a good investment and protection against inflation. I’m not going to talk today about if he is right or wrong. Instead, I’ll mention that his fabulous do it yourself investment solution was Fidelity’s Gold Fund. Good call? Gold Mutual …

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ark innovation

Is Ark Innovation a Scam?

Sometimes, a fast rise comes with expectations that are difficult to live up to. Sometimes the person rising fast doesn’t really help matters. Cathie Wood came into the “mainstream” of financial news with a prediction of a huge rise for Tesla. She was “right,” at least over that sample period, …

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low cost investing mutual funds

Lowest Cost Mutual Funds No Minimums

When it comes to getting started investing, it is often that first step that becomes the biggest hold up. For many would-be investors the most formidable barrier is actually free, that of setting up an actual account. However, for those with the momentum to cross that line, the next barrier …

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PIMCO Equity Funds Win Again

PIMCO is synonymous in the investing industry with bond mutual funds. More specifically, PIMCO is synonymous with Bill Gross and the PIMCO Total Return fund, which is the world’s biggest, and one of the best, bond mutual funds. However, PIMCO actually offers a full range of investment products, including equity …

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