Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Instead of Investing 2

Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Instead of Investing

Figuring out what the best thing to do with your money can be difficult. Many people get caught up in all the possibilities. They wonder if it is wise to pay off your house mortgage. Should they pay off credit cards or put higher down payment on a new home? …

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Reverse Mortgages Scam or Legitimate Financial Tool?

I’ve been getting questions about reverse mortgages lately. It’s not surprising. Reverse mortgages are one of those financial planning tools that are very useful for a specific purpose, and for specific people, that has, unfortunately, been sold aggressively to others. Not all reverse mortgages are scams, but you have to …

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Paying Off Your House Mortgages and Money Psychology

By any measure, the math says that paying off your home is not a smart move financially. Then why is it that so many people see paying off their home as a great goal? There are three reasons really. One is out of date thinking, the other is a financial …

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