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Upcoming Correction or Stock Market Crash

Here it comes. No, not the stock market crash. No, not a stock market correction, either. OK. Well, maybe those things are coming. But, what most definitely IS coming are the analysts’ notes, financial stories, and money website articles about a possible 10% correction, or even 20% crash. How To …

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Best Argument For a Coming Recession

Recently, I wrote about how lots of various financial analysts and pundits predicting a coming stock market crash or imminent recession are more interested in trying to take credit for making a guess than in accurately predicting what the facts actually support. However, there is one very good case for predicting …

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Is The Recession Really Over – Recession Ended in June 2009 News Reports Say

Is the recession really over? That is the question a lot of people are asking today as newspapers, news websites, and television news shows lead with a headline that seems to declare that the economy is back to normal. Of course, this is not at all what is going on. …

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