why roth ira best for younger people

Why Are Roth IRA Better for Young Adults

There are several different retirement account types, so why is Roth IRA better for young adults? What makes Roth IRA best for certain people? Can older people still benefit from Roth IRA? Why Are Roth IRA Good? A Roth IRA is one of several tax-advantaged retirement accounts. Like the traditional …

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colorado secure savings program

Colorado Secure Savings Program

Colorado is set to join a handful of other states in creating an automatic retirement savings program for Colorado workers. The idea is that while many Coloradoans have access to a retirement plan like a 401k or 457 plan through their employer, a lot of Coloradoans don’t. Unfortunately, those who …

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tax triangle save money in retirement

Retirement Tax Triangle for Better Retirement Planning

Financial advisors make their bread and butter from retirement planning. Unless you’re wealthy (or young), chances are that most of your money is in your retirement savings and home equity. That makes your retirement accounts the main interest of most financial advisors, so it’s in their best interest to make …

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financial independence freedom

Financial Independence Made Simple

Financial independence is both easier and harder to achieve than most people think. Financial independence is simple if you follow the standard, time-tested formula of long-term saving and investing. But no one wants to do that. They want financial independence faster and easier, and that is much harder to achieve …

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pretax dollars

What Are Pre-Tax Dollars?

Financial advisors and other financial professionals throw around certain terms like, pre-tax dollars, like everyone already knows what they mean. In some cases, they are right, and in other cases, most people only have a partial grasp on what exactly certain financial terms mean. In many cases, knowing the complete …

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Stock Market Records Is It Time to Buy

Nothing gets the financial press in tizzy quite like a run of “up days” for the stock market. And, nothing gets the mainstream media interested in the financial media’s excitement like a new RECORD! Dow Jones Record High The Dow Jones Industrial Average has notched some record high closes lately. …

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