Where Is My PERA 401k History?

Did you login to PERA 401k account and find all of your historical data missing? Do you wonder where your PERA 401k history is on the website? I had the same questions when I tried to log in and plan out buying some PERA retirement years with the 401k. Turns out, there is an easy answer to why all of your PERA 401k data is missing.

PERA Changed Custodians

If you have a balance in the PERA 401k, then you got the same mailers, emails, and notifications I did. You probably took a quick look at them and figured it wouldn’t matter and decided to ignore them, like I did. That is where the answer lies, however. The PERA Board of Trustees decided they could do better for PERA members. For an organization as large as PERA, doing better usually means lower expenses.

401k Blackout Period

Once PERA figured out that they wanted to change 401k custodians, they needed to figure out how. For better or worse, the process of changing 401k administrators is highly regulated with a whole host of rules that must be followed. One of the rules that migrating 401k plans must follow is the imposition of a blackout period. During the blackout period, workers cannot access their 401k for any reason, including just checking the balance. Once the 401k blackout period expires, everyone can go back to business as usual.

pera 401k history missing
That balance over time seems awfully straight… (the data is missing after the 401k transfer to Empower from Voya for the PERA 401k.)

New 401k Custodian for PERA

The new 401k provider for PERA is Empower. If you’re like most Coloradoans, you had probably never heard of Empower until, all of the sudden, they popped up and bough the naming rights to Mile High Stadium, which is now technically named Empower Field at Mile High. Yes, it is the same Empower as the Mile High Empower. — I guess name recognition does matter.

Use Acorns to invest your change.

The change over to Empower happened on December 2, 2021, and now you can see your current account information. You can also see your earnings, transactions, and rate of return… but only back to December 2, 2021. Everything else is missing. Don’t worry. You money is still there as you can see.

In fact, if you look at the transactions, you will see a bunch of “deposits” on December 2. Those aren’t really deposits, those are your funds from the plan at Voya being moved into the plan at Empower. All the available funds are still the same, and all of your investments and balances are still the same.

So, where is the history from Voya?

Honestly, I haven’t figured that out yet, but I figured I would post this information so that you know there is no need to worry about your actual money, even if you can’t check out the full history yet.

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Remember, this is only about the PERA 401k plan, not the PERA pensions plan.

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