Latest Citibank ThankYou Rewards Premier Card Offer

Over at one of my favorite deal news websites, I noticed that Citibank is offering a bunch of bonus points for people who sign up for their ThankYou Premier rewards card as its latest Citi rewards card offer.

credit-card-rewards-deal-offerAs regular readers know, I don’t recommend that people go chasing after credit card rewards or applying for new credit cards just to get credit card points or miles. If, on the other hand, you are currently in the market for a new credit card AND you are looking for a rewards credit card, this offer might be interesting.

First, off, be sure to read all of the fine print in the credit card agreement as well as my Citibank ThankYou Premier rewards card review. On of the big things you will want to note is that this card comes with a very steep annual fee. That should knock it out of the running for most people, but if you tend to rack up a lot of spending on a card for whatever reason, you might be able to make money by earning more rewards than you pay for the annual fee.

Second, although the ad claims that you can get $500 in gift cards with 50,000 ThankYou points, that is only true if you get certain gift cards or redeem your Thank You points for certain denominations of cards. Make sure to read my Citibank rewards catalog review form more information on how to turn miles and points into rewards.

Citi Premier ThankYou Rewards Card

Basically, the Citi Premier Thank You credit card rewards program works like this:

  1. You get 1 ThankYou Point for ever $1 you spend
  2. You get 1.2 Thank You points for every $1 you spend at gas stations, grocery stores, drugstores and certain parking charges.
  3. You earn 1 point for each mile you fly if you buy your airline tickets using the Citibank credit card.
  4. You get an anniversary bonus each year based on how long you have been a cardholder. So if you’ve had your Citi card for two to three years, you earn a 3 percent annual bonus on the points you earn charging things to your credit card.

The special offer gives you 50,000 points IF you spend $2,000 within the first three months the card is open. If you have a big purchase planned, or if you are the type of person who charges everyday things to credit cards and then pay it off every month, the target should be pretty easy to hit.

This is not a good credit card for anyone who won’t spend a lot of money on the card since it has a $125 annual fee. You have to earn those dollars back with points in order to make it a money maker. Otherwise, you’ll just be paying high bank fees for no reason. Keep in mind that it will take approximately $12,500 in charges to get $125 worth of gift cards at the rate of 1 point per dollar spent.

Remember, the 50,000 free bonus points will cover your annual fee for the first year, but after that, you’ll have a credit card with a high annual fee, so you need to make it worthwhile by redeeming your Thank You points for merchandise, cash back, gift cards or free travel.

The interest rate for this Citibank Premier rewards card is 13.99%, 17.99% or 21.99% depending upon your credit score, so this is also not a card you want to carry a balance on.

Who Is Citi ThankYou Premier Card Best For?

This card is best for people who travel a lot. You earn points for each mile flown, plus 1 point for each dollar the ticket costs. If you frequently fly business class or first-class this card should pay off well for you.

Other potential situations that would make this a good credit card are those who make big purchases a few times each year and pay them off quickly, and for those who use their cards instead of cash and then pay off the balance each month.

Customers interested in other rewards credit cards may wish to check out the Capital One Rewards catalog to see how it stacks up with this program.

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