Abby Joseph Cohen at Goldman Sachs Declares Recession Over

You’ll forgive me if I don’t give a flying leap about whether or not Abby Joseph Cohen thinks the recession is over. 

The Goldman Sachs perma-bull was famous for being “right” about the ever rising stock market of the 1990s.  Too bad she has never been right about a single declining stock market.

Imagine you had a warning light that would light up red whenever the market was going to decline.  Imagine that light was broken and could never light up.  That light would be exactly as accurate as Abby Joseph Cohen has been since the 1990s.

Compare the light to Cohen and you’ll find they have the exact same track record.

warning light
What if it never lit up, no matter what happened?

Cohen Always Predicts Bull Markets

The recession may actually be over.  In which case, her apologists will trot out this proclamation as another example of her being “right.”  Just keep in mind, the warning light is always making the same prediction.

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