Build Back Better Passes House

For the last couple of administrations at least, the Democrats are better at naming their bills. The Build Back Better package not only has a snazzy name that makes it sound like a good law, it also abbreviates down as BBB, or even B3, or whatever. Anyway, the Build Back Better package is good news for American taxpayers and has a lower deficit impact that the Republican’s signature tax cut bill from a few years ago. Plus, if you understand economics well enough, you know that the rising inflation actually makes all of this cheaper.

But, this is a finance blog…

The news this morning is to realize that this package once again started in the house, and it once again has to go to the Senate where that one corrupt Senator from Arizona has to hem and haw and collect donations for a while before voting on the package, and they have to do the Manchin dance or whatever to. The important thing to remember is that this is not a law yet, and whatever is in it might not be in it when it does eventually become a law, so don’t start planning your taxes around it.

If you do want to start doing some end of year tax planning, I’m ramping up tax articles for this blog, and I’ve already started daily tax tips on the Finance Gourmet Twitter which you should probably give a follow.

Later today (if I can finish all my paying freelance finance writing projects) I’ll have up my review of Webull, or detailed look at Webull, or whatever I decide to call it posted. If you want a sneak peak, I’ll tell you that my free stock that I got for signing up was Genworth. I’m not that familiar with it, but it does not pay a dividend. When gifted, GNW was worth about $3.75 making it about the minimum possible value free stock they offer.

Check out my Zelle review.

I guess I did not hit the jackpot.

GNW is up to $4 a shar this morning, so maybe I’ll be rich soon 🙂

If you want to join Webull and buy crypto even before seeing my review use this link and we’ll both get some Shiba coin ($SHIB), or whatever it is.

Have a good morning.

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