Covid and Inflation

As more and more states get classified as, “uncontrolled spread,” for the Covid pandemic, there is at least one tiny bit of good news.

There still is no inflation. And, since the Fed says they are changing their monetary management style to consider 2% inflation as a target rather than a ceiling, that means there is no reason to worry about rising interest rates either.

Actually, the concern for most economic analysts is that there would be inflation while the economy is still bottoming out.

Thanks to no stimulus out of Washington yet (STILL), we can be sure of a very weak economy teetering on the verge of recession. Inflation in that environment is very bad. Fortunately, today’s Core Producer Prices rose even less than the already small forecast.

While the economy, and the world at large, still offer plenty of things to worry about, at least inflation isn’t one of them at this point in time.

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