Selling Your Own Home – Day 3

home-for-saleToday, we got our first phone call. It was from someone who walked by our house and saw the sign. No idea of how serious they were or weren’t, but it is still nice to get our first call. Still no MLS listing. The guys at Iggyshouse are either dragging their feet, or they aren’t as fast and on the ball as they say they are.

Why did we use Iggyshouse? The main reason is the free online MLS listing. There are other services out there that offer to help you do you own For Sale By Owner. Most of them charge some sort of flat fee or deeply discounted percentage in order to help you sell your own home. How do they charge less? Well, some of them offer less services. For example, Assist2Sell offers a “direct to buyers” program which basically involves some signs and a web page (good luck with that!) But they also offer a “full-blown” MLS listing (whatever that is). No word on pricing on the web page which turned us off.

Iggyshouse has no costs. How can they do that? Well, they also offer a buyers service where they act as your buying real estate agent. They don’t actually do anything, you do all the leg work, but they “represent” you and then collect the buyer’s agent half of the commission and then rebate some of that to you. The cool part is that as a home buyer without an agent, no one is going to give you a commission, but this way, you get the commission and Iggyshouse just takes a cut off the top. They don’t offer the service everywhere (not where I live) and their is no obligation but by offering the free selling services they drive people to their site.

The low cost comes with no service. Other than the listing on their web site and on MLS, you get no

thing. This probably isn’t a good idea for a lot of people. But, my wife is an attorney, so it isn’t like we need help with the contracts. I can handle the incoming phone calls for showings, so we have everything pretty much covered.

If you are looking to sell your home by yourself without a real estate agent, here are some of the options I checked out before going with Iggyshouse. This is not an endorsement or recommendation. I haven’t used them or done anything other than check out their web sites, so make sure you do your homework first!

For Sale By Owner

Help You Sell

Assist to Sell

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