When Can I File Colorado Income Taxes

Colorado Delays Acceptance of 2022 Online Taxes

A majority of Coloradoans file their income taxes for free, or via a paid tax program like TurboTax, using Colorado’s online tax forms. Once you know how to file Colorado income tax, the rest is easy. The Colorado Department of Revenue will not accept income tax returns until January 2023.

Filing Colorado Income Taxes Online

Several laws passed during the 2022 legislative session changed numbers, percentages, forms, and eligibility for various tax deductions, tax credits, and tax-advanced contributions.

The one-month delay won’t affect most Colorado income taxpayers. Colorado taxes require completion of Federal income taxes to generate most of the inputs needed for Colorado income taxes. Both state and federal law give employers, and others, until January 31 to generate and send most required tax forms. Thus, the change will only affect taxpayers with simplified taxes whose only employers and contractors created and sent the various W2, 1099, and K-1 forms.

Colorado income taxes delay

Use the Colorado Department of Revenue’s tax updates site to keep up with any new changes.

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