Capital One Miles Redemption Chart

I promised a look at the value of the Capital One No Hassle Miles Travel Rewards after looking at the value of the the Capital One Miles Rewards Catalog for gift cards in a previous post.

One of the nice features of the Capital One Miles program is that you can both purchase travel with your miles, or you can get a “statement credit” for travel that you have already taken. 

The great thing about this feature is that if you don’t have time to sift through the usual rewards catalog website and redeeming rewards process, you can just book your travel like you normally would, pay with your Capital One No Hassle Miles Reward card, and then use your points after the fact to pay for your trip.

Do it before your payment is due, and it is just like you went through the usual booking process to use your miles or points costing you no interest payments.

Capital One Miles Redeem For Travel Rewards Chart

Number of MilesTicket Value
15,000 MilesUp to $150 Ticket
35,000 Miles$150.01 to $350
60,000 Miles$350.01 to $600
Ticket Price X 100Above $600

The basic Capital One No Hassle Rewards card earns 1.25 miles per dollar except at bookstores, card stores, novelty stores, souvenir shops, arts & craft stores, florists, and video rental stores (not Netflix) where it earns 2 miles per dollar.  Unless you do some heavy spending at those places chances are your flight awards will be made up mostly of 1.25 miles per dollar purchases.

At that rate, the max ticket value for each category works about to $12,000 of spending or the equivalent of 1.25% cash back, which is better than your basic 1.0% cash back card.  However, be very aware of the sweet spot near the top of the range, and the dead zone at the bottom.  A $170 ticket or a $375 ticket will be a terrible deal.


Capital One Miles Rewards Good for Students

The Capital One travel rewards can be a great deal for college students.  Since students buy hundreds of dollars worth of books each year, they can really benefit from the 2 miles per dollar rate, provided the campus bookstore is properly categorized.  To find out, make a small test purchase at the campus bookstore and then go online to view the transaction.  If it is listed as a bookstore (or even card shop or novelty shop) then you are in business.  If not, check out the off-campus bookstore alternative that many college towns have.  If it is listed in one of the good categories then you can buy your books there.

Even better, most major university bookstores carry far more than just books, sometimes at bargain prices because of student pricing.  This is especially true for student edition software.  Online deal sites go nuts over the prices students can get on things like Microsoft Office or even Windows Vista or Windows XP.  Each of those purchases can get 2 miles per dollar.

A student spending $2,500 a semester in various bookstore purchases would qualify for a free ticket home for Thanksgiving every other year.  And if they let you charge your tuition or fees, then this baby is going to pay off in free plane tickets.

As always, responsible use of all credit, especially credit cards is vital to a solid financial future, so don’t spend just get miles.

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  1. Capital One Visa is absolutely the worst when it comes to trying to redeem points. The instructions given in the catalog are inaccurate – you cannot find a “Redeem” field to move on and apply your points. Who knows how this will end.

    • I have to say this post really surprises me. I have had to call Capitol One several times over the last 3 months regarding disputed merchant transactions. I called them at least twice up to 5 times in a week. My calls have always been answered promptly. Once I entered my card information my call was routed to the correct team to handle whatever issue I needed assistance on. I would then be placed on a brief hold for never more then 5 minutes and was greeted by a friendly customer service rep. This is the same experience I have come to expect and appreciate over the 12 plus years I have used the Capitol One Card. I am really sorry your individual experience was not as great as mine. I suggest consider events happening in the world that may have taxed there customer service phone lines unexpectedly. Some what like we all expect of retailers during the holiday season chaos.

  2. How can I make a purchase with my Reward miles if I don’t know what you have to offer? And I have a lot of reward miles…

  3. Why is it so hard to find Capital Ones Rewards catalog in this new world of the internet,Everything but the link comes up.?

    • Your rewards account will only have points (no dollars). You can choose an award of dollars (a check) or a statement credit (like a payment on your bill). To redeem your Capital One miles you’ll need to login to your online rewards account or call the 1-800 number.

  4. Where do I go to find the current number of No Hassle rewards I have earned?

    I have two Capital One cards…VISA and MC…and need to check the number of available rewards…

    Where/How do you convert rewards into $$ to apply on card balance? I’ve just purchased a cruise and need to use my rewards to help pay for the cruise.


    Mrs. W


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