Fed Chairman Jerome Powell Second Term

I don’t like to write about politics, and certainly not speculation about politics, but the potential announcement of Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell getting a second term is interesting.

First off, Powell, is a Trump appointee. That gets people mad in certain quarters, like the Postmaster guy. However, Powell is a solid, seasoned hand acting as Fed Chief, and no one really cares who appointed him. In fact, Powell has done such a good job keeping the economy floating with minimum rocking that the only reason people were thinking there might be someone new was in order to make a “historic” appointment of someone who wasn’t a white guy — or white woman, since Janet Yellen already broke that ceiling.

Now, it looks like President Biden has enough fights to pick with Congress, including ones within his own party (Dems really don’t know how to win, do they?). So, a sure thing like renominating Powell seems like a good way to be able to focus energy elsewhere.

And, lucky for everyone else, he’s a good choice for the job.

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Fed Chairman Jerome Powell Second Term 1

You can read about the Federal Reserve here.

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