Stock Market Greece Recovery

The stock market is attempting to stage a recovery now that worries about Greece defaulting and abandoning the Euro have taken a back seat. Recent elections gave the political parties that favor adhering to the conditions of Greece’s bailout the majority of seats and a solid chance at putting together a coalition government.

However, Greece isn’t the only issue out there. Recent employment numbers have not been stellar and few companies are issuing what would be called “enthusiastic” guidance for the coming year.

The result is an odd stutter-step market that today (June 18) gave us a mixed day with the Dow slightly down and the S&P 500 slightly up.

In the long run, the last few months of market action have been good. Runs in the straight up direction seldom end well. This period of consolidation even had some new outlets using the term correction, which is enough to scare off the faintest of heart investors that are often the cause of so much volatility.

For long-term investors the fundamentals today are no different than they were a few months ago. The economy is growing, but slowly. Europe is being held together, but barely.

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